Rates and Policies

All rates are professionally quoted according to property layout, obstacles, snow storage potential, elevation, surface composition, etc.  We normally clear all snow between 6 and 8 inches depending on weather conditions ie. (wet, heavy, dry, light). When the storm subsides there is usually a final clearing. We charge on a per-visit basis.

Prior to the start of snow season we will inspect your property, flag driveways and note obstacles. We will determine the rate fee that is appropriate for your property and also if there will be additional services required such as grading. 

Rates are as follows:
We have a $35.00 minimum rate for snow removal services.
"Driveways" must be less than 50 feet long. All other rates are based on amount of time required.

Rate#1   $45.00   Rate#2   $50.00      Rate#3   $55.00 Rate#4   $65.00  Rate#5   $80.00

The above rates are a flat, per visit fee. A plow rate rate of $120 per hour is charged out in 15 minute increments. If snow fall exceeds 8” or there are extreme conditions there may be charges for additional time and or use of special equipment.

Customers who require special "on-call" services are scheduled based on availability and billed an average of $85.00 per clearing (the  minimum charge for "on-call" services is $75). However, just like a seasonal snow removal quote, the fee is based on driveway size and slope. In addition, the price of a Call-in is based on the amount of snow in the driveway and for use of special equipment if needed.

Our services are billed monthly. Payment is due within 10 days from the date of our invoice. We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer or discontinue service in the event of non-payment.

Customers who are part of a Homeowners Association or share an access road/driveway, will share the costs of services to that road. A representative will agree upon the formula for the division of costs for the access road. In addition, each service customer is billed individually for their own driveway.